February 1, 2019

I saw him one nippy November evening sitting on a pavement under a row of Gulmohar trees on a bungalowed street on Coyaji road. He wore an old light brown corduroy suit, a dark bowler hat, and was firmly engrossed in poring over a book under the dim sodium light of the...

January 3, 2018

Zoe took another swig of her warm beer and tried to focus on the road ahead, but his words reverberated in her mind. The sapphire flashed for that hint of a moment in the glare of oncoming traffic, before settling back to its murky blue depths.

“We should call it off.”


January 3, 2018

Often in the middle of a project, there comes a brief moment in the space time continuum when you run into the dreaded writer's block; when words elude you, ideas scamper away in little tap dancing boots, and the world sits still gazing at you with big bleary eyes, wai...

December 25, 2017

I have often wondered what brought me to writing? Was it my love for words or imagining a world with my chosen set of possibilities. In the end I concluded, it was my favourite writers and the amazing journeys I travelled with them perched on just a smattering of words...

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