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'You were never really here?' Who is?

You were never really here

So I began my bright Sunday morning by watching the trailer of ‘You were never really here’ which portrayed the severely talented Joaquin Phoenix parading with a dark beard into darker corridors...rescuing some girl on his shoulders, who was told to shut her eyes and obviously miss all the fun as Mr. Brooding went about bludgeoning and shooting people in his way..

I call him severely talented because whenever I watch him, I kinda feel like reaching inside the movie and asking him, "You do know it's a film rite....all make-believe? Lighten up buddy, we are all going to die in the end.."

The trailer was soooooo depressing ....they even had a visual of the girl...yeah the same girl he rescued sometime back after so much blood and brain splatter... falling into a dark abyss....

Talk about performance bonus?

I mean the movie was designed to tell you to go fuck yourself because the world sucks... The abyss scene was their final hammer on the head in case you missed their initial subtle attempts at pushing you over the brink🙄

I wonder who likes to pay and see such depressing stuff....supremely happy people dying of joy who probably want to balance it out or.... the seriously suicidal who are wondering what’s holding them back...?

And while I was watching the trailer, my chin pimple who was just a somber-looking dot in the morning started throbbing and is now a wholesome teenager growing by leaps and bounds. I attribute it entirely to the sad-orphins unleashed by this trailer and a wee bit to the enormous eclair consumed the earlier nite.